Price of Tanjore Paintings

Welcome to Tanjore Painting. A very common occurring question, that I faced from my friends and readers was regarding the price of Tanjore Paintings. The question was so common and yet essential, that I decided to come up with this article.

The price for Tanjore Paintings vary from provider to provider. There are many factors which contribute to it. Some of them are provided below:-

  1. Complexity of the work done on the painting.
  2. The amount of decoration stones used in the Tanjore Painting.
  3. The cost of the decoration stones used, mostly Jaipur stones are used for decoration.
  4. The amount of Gold Foil used on the painting, if pure Gold foil is used (which must be used in practice), then the price of the painting will be somewhat high.
  5. The size of the painting. The larger the size, the larger is the amount of precious stones and Gold Foil used for it.
  6. If the size is very small, then also due to complex work in that small size, the price may go up.
  7. The artist and material cost is different in different places.
  8. The provider of these paintings may be a very renowned one, and may ask some extra for his royalty and name in the market.

If you want to learn to make Tanjore Paintings, and want to know the price for it. Then you need to check out local art teaching centers for the prices. It depends entirely upon the institutes that how much they charge. It is a beautiful art, and makes very beautiful homes when decorated by Tanjore Paintings.


pankaj said...

Thanks for the information. It was really helpful.

pushpamurli said...


I want to buy radhey krishna tanjore painting.Iam staying in mumbai.

Amit Beriwal said...

Thanks Pankaj and PushpaMurli for the comments, Pushpa one more thing is that I am not madam, but sir. I am just 29, so no need to call me sir also. My friends call me Amit as is visible by the authors name in this article.

Regarding your query for where to buy Tanjore Painting in Mumbai, I am working on a compilation on various cities from where you may buy and see Tanjore Paintings. I will post it soon and that should clear all your doubts...

Cogito Ergo Sum said...

I did not find the answer useful at all. Instead of giving us a range of pricies vs sizes etc, you are just saying it depends on size, complexity, quality and name of artist. This is hilarious and can apply to any product !!!! A/C , TV, FRIDGE etc. all products are base on features, Brand name, size/capacity, materials used.

Amit Beriwal said...

The article is for the factors that comprises and total's to the price of Tanjore paintings. The price can again vary from source to source. I suppose that Ac, TV , Fridge don't have gold foils and Jaipur stones put on them.
Anyways thanks for the comment.

Sivaranjani M said...

You can contact for any size customised tanjore paintings.

prachin said...

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Rashmi Singh said...

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